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    Presentation by the Chancellor of the University of Medellin, Dr. Néstor Hincapié Vargas

What do you consider to be the main strengths of the institution?

The University of Medellin offers comprehensive training through relevant academic programs and grants its own degrees at the undergraduate, master’s and doctoral levels. Our University stands out for being inclusive, offering differential enrollments and achieving a high level of equity in the training of its students, based on the development of curricula aimed at solving society’s problems.

The development of research and the systematic growth of results and research products reflect the work of professors with high-level training in doctorate and masters who, together with the students, carry out interdisciplinary research with a clear orientation towards innovation, which consolidates the university-company-state-society relationship.

We support entrepreneurship with the destination of a fund of $ 2,000 million pesos, whose management is developed through the Entrepreneurship and Business Development Unit.

We have a large and beautiful green campus that constitutes the ideal setting in which sports, artistic and cultural activities are practiced, coordinated by the Division of University Welfare and Human Development and aimed at contributing to the comprehensive education of the entire university community. Our location is an added value in itself, because it is located in the city of Medellin, known in the country and the world as one of the most pleasant climates to live; access to the campus is easy because it is linked to the mass transportation system of the city, through bus routes and the University of Medellin metroplus station, which clearly facilitates the mobility of the university community to the different areas of the city.

Our sustainability policy has enabled the development of the Campus project alive, which aims to help the University of Medellin to be sustainable through guidelines to prevent, mitigate, correct, eliminate or make up for the socio-environmental impact in an inclusive, participatory and financially viable way. The lines we work with live campus are: environment, governance, gender equity, and knowledge management.

The University of Medellin is a non-profit corporation, in which by disposition of its founders all alumni, graduates of any of its undergraduate programs, obtain the quality of members.

Why is it better known?

The University of Medellin is known for having high quality accreditation, by the Ministry of National Education, through a voluntary process for the government entity. In addition, for the high quality accreditation of 12 of its undergraduate programs and the offer of 5 doctorates, 46 masters, 62 specializations, 31 undergraduate courses and 1 technology. The foregoing supports the academic excellence of our training offer and the recognition by the society and the Colombian State regarding its quality in the development of the academic and administrative processes of the University.

We are a private institution with an inclusive foundational philosophy, which is reflected in a diverse university community, which welcomes students of all socioeconomic conditions; therefore, it offers competitive enrollment rates, with respect to other universities in the city and the country, both at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The university environment is pleasant and valued by students who see in it not only the combination of nature and academia, but the adequate provision of classrooms and laboratories necessary to develop a comprehensive and harmonious education.

What facilities and services does it offer?

The spaces devoted to sports and recreation are generous and invite to the enjoyment of the free time inside the university facilities.

The Theater of the University of Medellin, Gabriel Obregón Botero, is the largest in Colombia and the only one of these characteristics in a Higher Education institution in our country. Therefore, it is a perfect setting for the organization of shows and events and is emerging as the highest quality theater and technological advances in our city; It has unrivaled acoustics, excellent equipment, and visibility from any point in the room. Recognized as a cultural, academic and corporate reference in the city of Medellin, with 1,702 seats, it is the ideal space for different artistic manifestations such as music, dance, theater, as well as for the development of business and academic events.

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