Can I register for the workshops without attending the congress?2019-02-14T22:25:09+00:00

To participate in the workshops it is necessary to register for the Congress. The capacity of each workshop is limited and its duration is four hours.

What do I have to do to register to one or two workshops?2019-02-14T22:49:56+00:00

The workshops take place either during the morning or during the afternoon. Each workshop lasts 4 hours and takes the whole morning (from 8 to 12 a.m.) or the whole afternoon (from 2 to 6 p.m.) In order to register for a workshop, one must necessarily register for the conference. When registering for the congress, you can choose to also attend one or two workshops. If you sign up for two workshops, one has to be in the morning and the other in the afternoon.

Will there be translation of the lectures and workshops that are in Spanish?2019-02-14T23:03:55+00:00

No. The lectures and workshops that are announced in Spanish will not have an English or Portuguese translation.

Can I benefit from paying a lower cost of the congress if I become a member of APICSA?2019-02-14T22:31:51+00:00

Yes. Check the box to become an APICSA member and choose the conference registration options and workshops (if you are interested in any) as a member of APICSA

Can I join the APICSA on the days of the congress?2019-02-14T22:36:01+00:00

Yes, on the days of the congress, a stand will be set up where attendees can join APICSA.

Does the congress organization give any kind of financial help to those who present papers?2019-02-14T22:38:46+00:00

No. The registration fee for those who present papers is the same as for the attendees. If the person who presents a paper belongs to any of the institutions that have signed a special agreement with APICSA, they can benefit from the special rate. In addition, the organization of the congress will give a certificate in recognition of their participation in the conference as a speaker who has presented one or more papers (in addition to the attendance certificate).

How much time will I have for the presentation of my work if I send it to be presented as a poster?2019-02-14T22:40:24+00:00

The poster must be placed in the place assigned by the organization of the congress on the same day of its exhibition, in the morning or in the afternoon. The author of the poster should be available next to the poster to exchange impressions with congress attendees interested in their research during the 90-minute time slot assigned for the poster session.

What is the difference between sending a symposium or an oral communication?2019-02-14T22:42:20+00:00

The oral communication, if accepted, will be included later, by the Scientific Committee of the congress, in a symposium together with other papers that address a similar topic. On the contrary, the symposium that have been proposed as a whole (with 4 or 5 communications), if accepted, are presented as they were originally proposed.

What does it mean that I can send a symposium?2019-02-14T22:44:25+00:00

A person may be interested in organizing their own symposium for the congress on a specific topic of Clinical or Health Psychology. In this case, that person (the chair of the symposium) has contacted 4 or 5 people so that each one presents their work around a central theme. For these symposia, the coordinator must send these works (abstracts) together, including the name of the coordinator and the title of the symposium.

How much time will I have for the presentation of my work if I send it to be presented as “oral communication”?2019-02-14T22:45:58+00:00

The exposure time can vary between 12 and 15 minutes approximately. Keep in mind that your work will be included along with four or five other works to form a symposium. Each symposium will last 90 minutes. At this time, the symposium coordinator must make a brief introduction, then each author will present their work and at the end there will be a time for debate with the presenters, based on all questions and comments from the public.

In what language can I submit my work?2019-02-14T22:53:30+00:00

The official languages of the congress are English, Portuguese and Spanish, so you can present your work in any of these three languages.

What should the abstract of the paper include?2019-02-14T23:09:25+00:00

The abstract should have between 250 and 300 words. A good abstract should contain an introductory phrase or background of the work, the goal or purpose of the research, a description of the method used (e.g., description of the participants, instruments used and how the research was developed). Then the main results and a conclusion that allows establishing the relationship between the results and the initial goal must be included. We recommend taking a look at the summaries that are published in prestigious scientific journals to be used as an example.

What does the registration fee include?2019-02-14T22:51:41+00:00

Registration for the congress includes attendance at all conferences, symposiums, oral communications and posters submitted to it. Also you will receive as part of your registration the proceedings of the congress, which will be a special issue of the journal Behavioral Psychology / Psicología Conductual (https://www.behavioralpsycho.com/) where the abstracts of all the previous academic activities will be included, besides of the workshops.

At the price of the registration to the congress, attendance at the pre-congress workshops is not included, which will have to be paid separately at the time of registration.

What is the best way to pay the registration?2019-06-07T12:22:41+00:00

The safest and cheapest way to register for the conference is through Stripe with your usual credit card or through Paypal opening a free account in Paypal (this way you can associate your bank account with Paypal and pay with it without any kind of expense).

If you do not have your own credit card or your parents or a friend credit card, you can pay by sending the registration money through Western Union (although you pay in Colombian pesos or other currency, you will have to see how many pesos or the amount or your currency correspond to the price in dollars of the registration to the congress). Remember that all the expenses that this method of payment supposes run on your account.

Finally, a final payment option is the international bank transfer. It is usually the most expensive, unless you live in a European country. Remember that all transfer costs are paid by whoever makes the transfer. We recommend that you ask your bank how much these expenses amount to before doing it, because they can be really high.

Are there agreements with institutions or universities?2019-02-14T23:05:15+00:00

At this time there are no special agreements with institutions or universities. In case there were any, they would be announced in a timely manner.

Do I have to be a member of APICSA to attend the congress?2019-02-14T23:07:19+00:00

You do not have to be a member of APICSA to attend the congress. Anyone interested in Clinical Psychology or Health Psychology can attend, as well as present papers. However, members of APICSA have special prices. In case you want to become a member, you can add the APICSA membership at the time of paying the registration to the congress and pay it as a member, with the consequent special prices. In summary, first check the box to become a member of APICSA and then choose the category that corresponds to register for the congress (professional member of APICSA, undergraduate member of APICSA, etc.). If you choose a workshop, you can also do so as a member of APICSA in the corresponding category (professional member, student member). If you still have doubts, write to: apicsacolombia@msn.com

Can I benefit from paying a lower cost of the congress if I become a member of APICSA?2019-02-22T09:36:27+00:00

Yes. Check the box to become an APICSA member and choose the conference registration options and workshops (if you are interested in any) as a member of APICSA

How do I book a hotel?2019-02-14T22:59:10+00:00

In Medellin there are numerous hotels of different categories (from hostels to 5-star hotels). You can search the Internet and contact directly with each hotel to make the reservation of the room. You can also do so through the numerous platforms that exist to book hotels (e.g., Booking, Tripadvisor, etc.) Remember that foreigners do not pay 19% of taxes paid by Colombian nationals. In any case, on the congress web page those hotels that give special prices to those attending the congress will be included (always consider the category of the hotel).

Do I have to obtain a visa to travel to Colombia?2019-02-14T23:00:36+00:00

No visa is usually required to enter Colombia, except for some countries in Africa and Asia.