Thomas Ollendick (USA)

Treatment of phobic and anxiety disorders in children and adolescents: where do we go from here? In English

Daniel O’Leary (USA)

Prevalence and treatment of psychological and mild to moderate physical aggression in couples. In English

Dorothy Espelage (USA)

Research-informed bullying prevention: social-emotional learning & school climate improvement approaches. In English

Vicente E. Caballo (Spain)

New treatment for social anxiety disorder: the MISA program.

Marina Muñoz (Spain)

Victims of violence in courtship relationships: Characterization and associated variables.

Leonidas Castro Camacho (Colombia)

The practice based on evidence and the evolution of clinical and health psychology: Change of paradigm towards a clinical psychology of the XXI century.

Arturo Cantos (USA)

Advance in evidence-based interventions with aggressors of violence against your partner: how to adjust the intervention to the characteristics of the aggressors.

Isabel C. Salazar (Spain)

Addressing borderline personality disorder with classic behavioral and third generation strategies.

Antonio L. Manzanero (Spain)

The memory of traumatic experiences.

Arturo Prieto (Chile)

Experiential anxiety therapy based on intuition.

José Luis Graña (Spain)

Predicting the risk of recidivism and its relationship with psychosocial maturity in delinquents.

María Clara Cuevas (Colombia)

Parents and teachers as agents promoting mental health in childhood.

Antonella Galli (Peru)

Happiness as a therapeutic resource.

Stefano Vinaccia (Colombia)

Positive psychology of health: contributions to chronic disease.

Arturo Heman (Mexico)

Cognitive behavioral management of second and third generation in the treatment of patients with suicide attempts.

Juan David Giraldo Rojas (Colombia)

Neuroscience tools applied to the clinical-behavioral forensic assessment.

César Núñez (Colombia)

Live to the limit. Health practices in university students.