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Alan E. Kazdin

Addressing the Mental Health Crisis: Novel models for delivering mental health services and reducing the burdens of mental illness

Stefan G. Hofmann

Process-based therapy

Rosa Baños

Promoting wellness in the technological age: Mental health 5.0

Elisardo Becoña

Why are psychological addiction treatments so effective?

Vicente E. Caballo

Multidimensional intervention for social anxiety: the international effectiveness of the IMAS program.

Juan Capafons

The technological revolution in young people: the most pressing risks and their possible “antivirus” from the psychological point of view.

José A. Carrobles

New developments in Health Psychology: Neurofeedback and cardiac variability

Enrique Echeburúa

Effective psychological treatment: beyond empirically validated therapies

Javier Fernández Montalvo

Traumatic histories in addicted patients: clinical implications

Azucena García Palacios

Advances in the psychological treatment of borderline personality disorder

José Luis Graña

Evolution of risk factors related to criminal recidivism in juvenile offenders after intervention.

María Jesús Irurtia

Therapist skills training [Workshop]

Francisco J. Labrador

Current challenges and limitations in Clinical Psychology

Fco. Javier Méndez

Disobedience in the home: The six-step method for addressing it

Inmaculada Moreno

ADHD research challenges to improve clinical care for affected individuals

Marina Muñoz

Revictimization in gender violence: Risk profiles

César Ariel Núñez

Intervention strategies in suicide prevention [Workshop]

Pablo Olivares Olivares

Transdiagnostic intervention in selective mutism and related disorders [Workshop]

José Olivares Rodríguez

The transdiagnostic approach to the assessment and treatment of emotional problems

Marino Pérez Álvarez

Social networks, floating individuals and mental health: connectedness and loneliness

Conxa Perpiñá

When eating is not a pleasure: Eating disorders and obesity

Isabel C. Salazar

Multidimensional intervention for social anxiety: the international effectiveness of the MISA program

Carmina Saldaña

Social media and body image

Miguel A. Simón

Biofeedback and colorectal disorders: evidence-based clinical practice.

Miguel A. Vallejo

Feeling and its role in emotional and behavioral regulation

Miguel A. Verdugo

The paradigm of quality of life and supports for people with disabilities