Pre-congress workshops

/Pre-congress workshops
Pre-congress workshops2024-06-05T22:33:06+02:00

9:30–13:30 English

Stefan G. Hofmann (Germany)

Workshop A1. Learning process-based therapy

9:30–13:30 Spanish

Miguel A. Simón (Spain)

Workshop A2. Principles and practice of behavioral medicine of sleep

9:30–13:30 Spanish

Azucena García Palacios (Spain)

Workshop A3. Intervention in persistent emotional dysregulation from dialectical behavior therapy

9:30–13:30 Spanish

Juan I. Capafons (Spain)

Workshop A4. How to protect yourself from technological addiction: the Desenrédate program

9:30–13:30 Spanish

Marina Muñoz (Spain)

Workshop A5. Youth exposed to gender violence: Psychosocial consequences and indications for action

9:30–13:30 Spanish

Pablo Olivares (Spain)

Workshop A6. Transdiagnostic intervention in selective mutism and related disorders

9:30–13:30 Spanish

María Jesús Irurtia (Spain)

Workshop A7. Therapist skills training


16:00–20:00 Spanish

Fabian Olaz (Argentina)

Workshop B1. Practical strategies in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT): Metaphor development

16:00–20:00 Spanish

Miguel A. Vallejo (Spain)

Workshop B2. Study and treatment of chronic pain

16:00–20:00 Spanish

Vicente E. Caballo (Spain)

Workshop B3. Treating social anxiety: the Multidimensional Intervention for Social Anxiety (MISA) program

16:00–20:00 Spanish

Elisardo Becoña (Spain)

Workshop B4. Psychological treatment of addictions through several cases

16:00–20:00 Spanish

Javier Fernández Montalvo (Spain)

Workshop B5. Psychological intervention with intimate partner aggressors

16:00–20:00 Spanish

José A. Carrobles (Spain)

Workshop B6. Biofeedback, neurofeedback and cardiac variability in clinical practice

16:00–20:00 Spanish

César Ariel Núñez (Colombia)

Workshop B7. Intervention strategies in suicide prevention