Pre-congress workshops

/Pre-congress workshops
Pre-congress workshops2019-07-17T21:57:40+02:00

8:00–12:00   English

Thomas Ollendick (USA)

Workshop A1. Brief, intensive treatments of specific phobias and fear-related disorders

8:00–12:00   Spanish

Arthur Cantos & Daniel O’Leary (USA)

Workshop A2. Evidence based assessment and treatment of intimate partner violence

8:00–12:00   Spanish

Vicente E. Caballo (Spain)

Workshop A3. The Multidimensional Intervention for Social Anxiety (MISA) program: How to apply it

8:00–12:00   Spanish

María Clara Cuevas (Colombia)

Workshop A4. Strategies to promote child mental health from parenting and care

8:00–12:00   Spanish

Mariela Golberg (Uruguay)

Workshop A5. I choose to be with you: reflections and challenges in couples psychotherapy

8:00–12:00   Spanish

Antonella Galli (Peru)

Workshop A6. Application of positive psychology in the clinical field

8:00–12:00   Spanish

Stefano Vinaccia (Colombia)

Workshop A7. Psychology and chronic disease

8:00–12:00   ¿?

Workshop pending

Workshop A8. Workshop title pending


14:00–18:00   English

Dorothy Espelage (USA)

Workshop B1. Addressing school-based bullying prevention through innovative and evidence-based programming bullying prevention.

14:00–18:00   Spanish

Leonidas Castro Camacho (Colombia)

Workshop B2. Clinical formulation by processes

14:00–18:00   Spanish

Fernando Urra & Graciela Rojas (Chile)

Workshop B3. Update on cognitive intervention strategies for obsessive compulsive disorder

14:00–18:00   Spanish

Antonio L. Manzanero (Spain)

Workshop B4. Post-traumatic stress disorder and memory in victims

14:00–18:00   Spanish

Arturo Prieto (Chile)

Workshop B5. Family therapy and child/youth relationship

14:00–18:00   Spanish

Juan David Giraldo Rojas (Colombia)

Workshop B6. How to apply neuroscience to the forensic clinical evaluation

14:00–18:00   Spanish

Marina Muñoz (Spain)

Workshop B7. Violence in courtship: development of guides for preventive action for adolescents and social agents.

14:00–18:00   Portuguese

José Marcelo Oliveira da Luz (Brazil)

Workshop B8. Forgiveness therapy: an intervention for health promotion