For the University of Medellin, it is a source of pride to host the IX Ibero-American Congress of Clinical and Health Psychology – APICSA, 2019. Our motto “SCIENCE AND FREEDOM” is represented in this type of events during which scientific thinking goes through our beautiful campus in a free manner and allows the meeting of researchers, professors and students of all levels in psychology and related interdisciplinary fields.

You can be sure that our academic community will receive you with the kindness and respect that characterizes us; as well as with the desire to form knowledge networks that propitiate the development of psychological knowledge at the highest level..

Welcome to the University of Medellin, your house of higher education.

César Núñez


The Ibero-American Psychological Association of Clinical and Health issues (APICSA) wants to commemorate with all our guests and participants, professionals of Clinical and Health Psychology, Medicine, Nursing and related interdisciplinary fields, the ninth edition of the Ibero-American Congress of Clinical and Health Psychology – 2019, which will be held for the first time in Colombia and will be hosted by the University of Medellin with its Law School and the Psychology Program.

Undoubtedly, we will do our best to offer all participants in the different modalities a great academic experience and professional and personal links that are memorable for all and allow weaving networks in the future in their institutions, regions and countries.

The high academic level, the contribution of the works to the lines of knowledge in the diverse fields of the Clinical and Health Psychology, the opportunity to establish academic networks for future events and joint scientific co-productions, in addition to the proximity to the culture of innovative trends in our region, are, among others, reasons for you to receive our invitation with enthusiasm and decide to attend this meeting in Medellin.

MedellIn, the city of eternal spring, offers to all of our visitors a warm welcome that is reflected in the warmth, openness and friendliness of our people, in transportation systems and availability of digital resources and hotel services, in the beauty of our tourist sites and the multiplicity of options in traditional, regional and international cuisine.

Enjoy the University of Medellin, our beautiful city, our people. Allow yourself to live an experience in which they integrate reflection and academic learning with the opportunity to interact, learn and taste one of the most impressive regions of our Colombia: Antioquia and the city of Medellin.

Our board of directors and team of representatives of APICSA of the Ibero-American countries, the team of professors and students of the University of Medellin, tell you all:
Welcome and thank you for being part of our celebration.

César Núñez
President of APICSA Congress 2019

Dr. Vicente E. Caballo


The Ibero-American Psychological Association of Clinical and Health issues (APICSA) and the University of Medellin welcome you to the IX Ibero-American Congress of Clinical and Health Psychology, which will take place on September 24 to 27, 2019, in the city of Medellin.

The main purpose of the congress is to bring together professionals, researchers, professors and students of Psychology to disseminate the most recent advances, especially new perspectives and applied techniques, produced in the fields of Clinical Psychology and/or Health Psychology at an international level. .

As in the previous version of this congress, held in 2016 in Puerto Rico, we will offer in addition to the conferences, symposia, posters and workshops, other special activities such as the international launch of the Multidimensional Intervention for Social Anxiety (IMAS) program, paying special attention to the psychologists who are already working or who want to work on the application of this program internationally, with special relevance for Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries, but also for English speaking countries.

We believe that this is a unique opportunity for all the students of Clinical and/or Health Psychology in the wide field of the Americas, from Patagonia to Alaska, to share languages (official of the congress) such as English, Portuguese and Spanish. We invite the rest of the international community, from other continents, to join this special meeting of cultures, scientific knowledge and social realities.

We hope you enjoy not only the knowledge but the reunion of old friends and the meeting of new colleagues and do it in the enviable weather of the city of eternal spring, which may prolong in other magnificent surroundings, such as Guatapé, or in places more distant, such as Cartagena de Indias or the archipelago of San Andres and Providencia, where you could enjoy their magnificent beaches.


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